Login Screen Help

FICast is a secure system that requires you to log in with a Username and Password in order to access your reports.

Enter the Username ID and Password that were given to you my your FICast contact. After you enter your Username and Password, click the Submit button. If the information is correct, the main Asset/Liability Management System page will be displayed.

If a problem occurs, you will receive the following message or a similar one describing a different problem:

The following problem(s) occurred:
There were invalid, or too few characters in the user id or password. Please try again.

Possible Reasons for login errors:

  1. The Username or Password is misspelled. Reenter the information and ensure that the spelling is correct prior to clicking the Submit button.
  2. The Username and Password are case sensitive. Please make sure your Caps Lock is not enabled and enter the information exactly as provided to you by your FICast contact.
  3. You have forgotten the correct Username or Password. Call your FICast contact to obtain the correct Username and to have the password reset. Please note that because of security considerations, existing passwords cannot be retrieved. If you have forgotten your password, a new, temporary, password will be issued to you and you will be forced to change it to one of you own choosing the next time you log in.